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May, 2020

COVID-19 Safety Procedures and Guidelines


  • If you or any member of your family is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, and/or a fever of 100.4 or higher, please DO NOT come to the park.We are recommending that all parents perform a temperature check, prior to arriving at the park.
  • Coaches and team moms will be asked to be extra watchful for players exhibiting any signs of sickness. If a child is showing symptoms they may be asked to leave the park in consideration of others. 
  • A current SC board member will be onsite for all practices and games, to help ensure that teams are following our guidelines and recommendations.

The Park:

  • Only immediate family recommended as spectators for now. You must use social distancing best practices. All (non-playing) younger children and siblings must remain with parents at all times while at the park.
  • Signs will be placed around the park to remind guest to maintain a safe distance (6 feet apart).  We recommend all spectators and guests maintain this distance while watching games and moving throughout the park.
  • Bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized multiple times a day. Doors will remain propped open to minimize touching.
  • All kids under age 13 must be accompanied to the restrooms to make sure procedures are followed.  Only two (2) people allowed in the bathroom at a time.
  • We will ask families use best sanitation procedures. Clean kids' hands with wipes or sanitizer as you arrive to the park and please do the same as you leave the park.  Due to scarcity, please bring your own additional hand sanitizer and/or anti-bacterial wipes.
  • We are intentionally scheduling games with extra time in between to reduce crowd size, and clear the area before the next game starts. Please adhere to these schedules.  
  • Bleachers, picnic tables, and certain common areas will be closed and roped off to help with distancing.  We recommend bringing your own chairs to the park. 
  •  The Snack Shack will remain closed for the duration of the spring season.

The Games:

  • Our intentions are to complete the remainder of the spring season games. This will require games to be played 7 days per week, starting Saturday June 6th and ending the season the first week July. Keep in mind, this doesn’t mean your team will play every day, but there will be games at the park every day.
  • Please do not arrive at the park prior to 30 minutes before your game starts. 
  • The Batting Cages are closed at all times. Pre-game warm ups will happen on the field only before games.
  • Only one (1) person allowed in the Score Booth.
  • Based on availability, SC will provide each coach with sanitizer/wipes for the teams to use. However, due to scarcity, we recommend that everyone bring your own additional hand sanitizer and/or anti-bacterial wipes.
  • Dugouts will have a maximum of five (5) players at a time. Benches will be marked with x’s for the younger age groups as a visible reminder. Each team will have a procedure for the other players to be outside the fence, based on the age groups. There will be designated spots or watching with parents. Team Moms and parent volunteers will be asked to help maintain this. 
  • All player bags will be left outside the fields, properly spaced on the fence or with a parent.
  • No food, drink, or snacks allowed in the dugouts (water bottles must stay with parents).
  • There will be no high fives after games or between players. Coaches will help the players come up with a fun socially distanced celebration (Hat’s off salute from the foul lines, team Dab in honor of the other team, air across the field high five).
  • Parents and coaches will help emphasize social distancing, especially with the younger children. 
  • Each team will be using their own ball, and it will be wiped by a coach after each inning.
  • All catcher masks and pitcher masks will be sanitized after each use.
  •  No post-game snacks or close gatherings.

**These procedures/guidelines will be re-evaluated routinely and are subject to change.  Any changes will be communicated to all families as soon as possible.

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